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Celebrating Pride w/ Rapper Kidd Kenn Breaking Into Hip Hop + Signing to Def Jam!

Hot 97 celebrates the month of Pride with new Def Jam signee Kidd Kenn!

Representing Chicago and the LGBTQ community, Kidd Kenn opened up about his childhood, breaking into Hip Hop, future goals, and support thus far from other artists in the music industry.

Growing up in the windy city, Kidd Kenn is proud of his upbringing back home in the South Side of Chicago. In an interview with Hot97’s Miabelle, Kidd Kenn speaks freely about his childhood revealing that he used to be a problem-child both at home and at school: “I had a slick mouth [and] lowkey did what I want”. 

At the age of six, Kidd Kenn started using freestyle as a way to express himself and reminisces the first time he went to the studio at the young age of 14. After getting millions of shares on Facebook from a Snapchat video of him freestyling, Kidd Kenn’s career took off with his first paid gig at a strip club. 

Kidd Kenn coined his stagename after discovering his love for musical icon, Nicki Minaj while watching the hip-hop and R&B television show “106 & Park”. After listening to Minaj’s remix of “Five Star” in the episode, Kidd Kenn continued to gain inspiration from Nicki Minaj, Michael Jackson, and Lady Gaga. In an interview with Reader, he told viewers, “Nicki is Barbie, and because I’m a boy, I decided I would be Ken.” 

Stepping into the world of hip-hop as a Black musician and a member of the LGBTQ+ community is certainly challenging, but has never stopped Kidd Kenn from achieving his dreams. When working with big named artists like Lizzo, Cardi B., and Lil Nas X, and getting collaborations with Saucy Santana and Nasty Rico, it is safe to say that Kidd Kenn will continue to make his mark in the hip-hop community. He leaves viewers with an inspirational sentiment to go by: Live your truth. Being authentically you for you (and only you) makes life a walk in the park.

Stay tuned as Kidd Kenn teases his latest single ‘Want Not A Need’ featuring Baby Tate and future plans!

Notes while watching interview:

  • Do you dress yourself?
    • [Kiddkenn] does. He learned how to do his makeup by watching his mom when her was younger, his barber used to do his hair but once he moved to LA he started doing his hair himself, and with the clothes, he says stylist’s “don’t get it” (1:30) so he styles himself. 
  • Growing up in Southside of Chicago
    • It was lit. he’s proud of being from chicago. Friends and family. Used to be outside just to be outside, problem child “had a slick mouth, lowkey did what i want” got in trouble in school
  • Who influenced you?
    • Nicki Minaj (barb, double n), Lady Gaga, MJ
  • Fav Nicki Joint
    • He was at home @ his cousins house, 106 and park fast start chick remix came on and he was sitting there watching it and fell in love. Loves how she carries herself and how she’s a business woman
    • Wants to meet nicki 
  • First time jumping in the studio
    • After freestyling in the car (arnd time of panda desiigner), they made a panda remix, and it did really good @ 14 years old (maybe thirteen)
  • How did it transition to being a career
    • I was just being a regular kid in school. Did freestyling and started treating himself differently bc he’s going to be the next nicki minaj one day so stood in the house and went on social media
    • Didnt want to be too accessible 
    • Recorded two free styles (7:10). Slide was second. At a baby shower, video on snap of freestyle and then posted it on fb and he kept getting shares. After that, got booked for stuff. First show was in a club. WASNT LIT but kinda lit. the strippers came on and dance. 
  • What does your family think about everything now?
    • Family is supportive
  • Black music month and pride
    • Stepping out in a space where there’s not a lot of LGBTQ+ artists. Live your truth. Being you for you makes life a walk in the park. Started rapping at 6. Once he was 7 he started feeling it.
  • 13:07 and a minute before is abou him talking about his album. 
  • Body
    • Young girl receiving a gift box, opens the box and she is in ken’s world. 
    • Stigmas of trying to be perfect. Have u always been accepting of your body? “I wasn’t”. Wouldn’t wear tanktops or anything that would show his body. Looked in the mirror and remebered, he was that bitch!
  • Cosigns 
    • Rihanna followed him. Nicki commented on one of his videos.  Lotto, saucy santana
  • Whats happening now?
    • *JUST DROPPED* 17:30. 
  • Love life?
    • No love life atm 

Growing up, influential people in his life, story about his freestyling first time, body issues and inspirational shit he’s said, being in the studio

  • Black lgbtq+ artist

Transition into career, talk about collabs, comments + follows from celebrities,




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